IntegrAid Functional Nutrition is a brand of science-validated, specialized and nutrient-based natural dietary supplements (nutraceuticals) developed for healthcare professionals and patients looking for pharmaceutical-quality standardized supplements. Its name is derived from the fast growing area of medicine: Integrative Medicine, a form of medical therapy that combines practices and treatments from alternative medicine with conventional medicine to achieve total wellness.

All IntegrAid products are made from certified natural sources that undergo stringent quality testing in pharmaceutical grade facilities to ensure safe and efficacious health outcomes in order to complement traditional synthetic medicines.

IntegrAid products are proven to help address and/or prevent specific health conditions with the support of clinical and/or scientific studies.

Products provide support in addressing specific health conditions ranging from pain and inflammation, insomnia, cholesterolemia, blood sugar control, and stress relief.

All products are imported from the USA and are supported by scientific studies.